Decorative Bollards

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High Quality Bollards in Wollongong

Chameleon Commercial has been one of the most trusted and sought-after providers and dealers of security barriers like bollards. Besides, we are also home to highly skilled experts, who are next to none, when it comes to acquiring suable bollards in Wollongong.  Thus, if you are looking for suppliers and installers of security bollards in Wollongong, we are the name where your search should end at.

Why should you need security bollards? 

Technically speaking, security bollards along with barriers are your first line of defence against any unauthorised access to any restricted area. When it comes to protecting a property or people, it is imperative to consider a plan that you need to chalk out. The bollards you use are the first level of security and hence, a part of the first phase of the plan.  Now, the type of bollard you will use will depend upon the value of your property or asset or the type of plan you have chalked out.

One good thing about the security bollards we offer in Wollongong is that they are of different types and made up of different materials and come up with a wide range of add-on security features. Hence, they are suitable to be used in various activities, like traffic control, anti-ram-raid protection of assets, protection of property, and the likes.

What types of Bollards in Wollongong do we offer?

The bollards that we offer include:

  • Security Bollards
  • Parking Space Bollards
  • Architecture Style Bollards
  • Shock Absorbing Bollards
  • Stainless Steel Bollards
  • Economy Bollards
  • Anti Ram raid Bollards
  • Fixed Surface Mount Bollards
  • Retractable Bollards
  • Fixed Below Ground Bollards
  • Retractable Bollards
  • Fixed Below Ground Bollards
  • Square Bollards
  • Fold Down Bollards
  • Automatic Bollards
  • Fold Down Bollards

Thus, if you have plans to buy quality bollards in Wollongong, Chameleon Commercial is your one stop solution.

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