Remediation Works

Remediation Works

Chameleon Commercial are experts in completing remediation in Wollongong for older building structures. We address structural, cosmetic, and heritage building maintenance needs. Scheduled services encompass carpentry, formwork, plumbing upgrades, and flooring. Elevate your property with our expertise.

Specialised Remediation

At Chameleon Commercial, we specialise in comprehensive remediation works to ensure the structural integrity, aesthetics, and heritage preservation of older properties. Whether you are dealing with ageing and deteriorating structures, cosmetic concerns or heritage-listed buildings, our team is dedicated to rectifying building concerns while preserving the unique character of your property or upgrading it for visual appeal.

Our remediation services cover a spectrum of needs, including structural repairs for older buildings facing wear and tear. We address any concerns related to the building’s framework, ensuring a solid foundation for years to come. Cosmetic enhancements rejuvenate the appearance of your property, enhancing both its aesthetics and market value.

For heritage-listed properties that demand specialised attention, we bring a wealth of experience in preservation and maintenance. Our team is well-versed in the delicate balance required to maintain the historic charm of these structures while implementing necessary updates to meet current safety standards.

Scheduled maintenance works offer a proactive approach to preserve the longevity of older properties. From carpentry to formwork, plumbing upgrades, and flooring, our skilled team executes each task with precision and a commitment to quality upgrades.

In the realm of carpentry, we address both functional and aesthetic aspects. From repairing deteriorated woodwork to crafting custom solutions, our carpentry services contribute to the overall resilience and visual appeal of your property.

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Quality Products and Remediation

At Chameleon Commercial, we elevate your business through remediation in Wollongong by selecting quality products and ensuring the best service. Our tradespeople focus on upgrades to the carpentry, formwork, plumbing and flooring:
  • Carpentry: Carpentry remediation focuses on structural repairs including wood rot and termite damage. Our services cover wood restoration to revitalise weathered elements and mould remediation for a healthier environment. For historical properties, we use specialised techniques to preserve and restore architectural elements, blending modern practices with respect for each building’s unique character.
  • Formwork: Formwork is employed to shape and support structures during construction or remediation. Our expertise in formwork ensures that each project is completed in alignment with your vision while meeting structural safety requirements.
  • Plumbing: Plumbing upgrades are employed to enhance the functionality and efficiency of older properties. We implement modern plumbing solutions while respecting the unique characteristics of each building.
  • Flooring: Flooring plays a crucial role in both aesthetics and functionality. Our flooring services range from repairs to complete upgrades, ensuring a safe and visually appealing foundation for your property.
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