Bollards & Carpark Safety

Bollards & Carpark Safety in Wollongong

Welcome to Chameleon Commercial, your source for reliable bollards and car park safety in Wollongong installations. We offer a complete range of products and services, covering lighting, bollards, wheel stops, speed cushions, speed humps, traffic lane dividers, and line marking. Improve the safety standards of your parking facility with our efficient solutions.


Chameleon Commercial provides a range of bollards in various styles and materials, offering functionality without compromising aesthetics. Whether you need fixed, removable, or retractable bollards, we have the ideal solution to meet your specific requirements.
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Car Park Lighting

Illuminate your parking area with our advanced lighting solutions. Our range includes energy-efficient LED lights and smart lighting systems tailored to your parking facility’s unique layout, ensuring optimal brightness and coverage.
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Wheel Stops

Prevent accidental vehicle overruns and protect your property with our durable wheel stops. Chameleon Commercial offers high-quality wheel stops made from robust materials, designed to withstand the impact of vehicles. Choose from a variety of sizes and colours to complement your parking area’s aesthetics.
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Speed Cushions and Humps

Control vehicle speed and promote a safer driving environment with our practical speed cushions and humps. These traffic calming measures seamlessly integrate into your parking layout, enhancing safety by encouraging responsible driving behaviour.
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Traffic Lane Dividers

Organise traffic flow in your parking facility with our traffic lane dividers. Dividers help create designated lanes for smoother traffic movement, reducing the risk of congestion and potential accidents. Chameleon Commercial offers customisable options to accommodate the specific layout of your parking area.
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Line Marking

Ensure order in your parking lot with Chameleon Commercial’s professional line marking services. Our experienced team utilises high-quality paints and equipment to create clear and durable markings, guiding drivers and pedestrians safely. From parking spaces to directional arrows, we tailor our line marking services to meet your specific needs.
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Why Choose Chameleon Commerical?
Chameleon Commercial is your trusted partner in enhancing car park safety through a practical range of products and services. With our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, we strive to create parking solutions that prioritise safety without compromising on aesthetics. Upgrade your parking facility today with Chameleon Commercial’s reliable and efficient offerings.
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Connect with Us for Bollards and Carpark Safety
For comprehensive carpark safety and bollards in Wollongong and greater NSW, look no further than Chameleon Commercial. We assess your business, listen to your needs, comply with safety regulations and standards and implement a plan to deliver your vision. Reach out to us today to explore your project needs and experience how our team can upgrade your business through carpark safety solutions.